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Slipring and brush rocker rings revision

In addition to our product ranges for new materials, Emeko Techniek can also offer you our services concerning repair, overhaul and modification of slipring bodies, slipring systems and brush rocker rings.

Repair and overhaul

In many cases sliprings and brush rocker rings can be economically repaired. We have the expertise and materials available to overhaul your equipment within short notice.
If needed we have easy access to spare parts through our international network, such as brush holders, insulators, brushh9older bolts etc.
In all cases the end result will be "as new".
In some cases even "better than new" as we use modern production techniques and materials to refurbish your sliprings and/or brush rocker rings.


Due to changing demands in the field of i.e. insulation classes and performance of electrical motors it is sometimes nescesary to modify excisting designs of slipring systems and/or brush rocker rings.
We have more than 20 years of experience with this kind of modifications and will gladly assist your in updating the perfomance of your system.


If you have any demands for our services in this line of field, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Underneath you will find some examples of repair, overhaul and modification of sliprings, brush rocker rings that we have done over the last couple of years for esteemed clients.