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Power transmission (linear)

In addition to our vast range of carbon brushes, Emeko Techniek BV also has a broad program of carbon blocs for lineair power transmitters or current collectors.


Lineair power transmitters use (copper impregnated)carbon blocs to slide alongst powered rails and they conduct the electicity from the rails to the machine. These blocs are designed to give maximum contact against a minimum of mechanical wear.

Standard and specials

Though our international network we have access to a lot of spare parts for commonly used types of current transmitters of well known brands.

On the other hand we are able to produce special carbon blocs for lineair power transmitters on demand.

Refurbish and overhaul

In some cases it is possible to refurbish and/or overhaul your complete current collector in our workshop.
Complete this overhaul with new carbon blocs and you will have your installation running again on "no time".

Requisitions and orders

Please contact our sales employees for more information.

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