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Mechanical seals

In addition to our electro-technic products, Emeko Techniek BV has a standard range of mechanical seals for shaft sealing.

Standard mechanical seals

We have a range of standard mechanical seals in stock for shaft diameter 6 up to 60 mm.
These products find their way in many applications, for instance: industrial waterpumps, waste water pumps and foor-processing industries.

Non- standard mechanical seals

Through our network, we have access to a even bigger range of non-standard mechanical seals.
We have selected these suppliers based on their quality level and the fact that they have large stocks.
So, even if your seal is not so standard: there is a big chance that we can deliver it within a few days.

Technical know-how

If you need help choosing the right mechanical seal for your application: do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be happy to help you out with technical advise.

Requisition and ordering

At the bottom of this page you can download our requisition sheet for standard mechanical seals.
For non-standard seals, we kindly request you to sen detailed information (i.e. model, drawing or picture).

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