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Emeko Techniek BV can offer you a wide range of commutators for various applications. Our assortment includes for example:

  • casted commutators
  • bolted commutators
  • hooked or chamferd connections
  • axial dimension upwards from 5mm

Tailor-made commutators

We can also supply you tailor-made commutators in every quantity and excecution.

Modification of commutators

If necessary, we are able to adapt your existing commutator in our workshop. Whether it concerns simple machining of the bore-hole, extensive modification of the connection slots or overhaul of the surfaces.

Requisition and ordering

At the bottom of this page you find ordering information regarding our range of standard commutators. For inquirements of special commutators we kindly ask you to send us more detailed information.

Of course we can also supply you with matching carbon brushes, brush-holders, spring systems, etc.
For this, we’d like you to visit the associated product pages.