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Carbon brushes for industrial applications

Ever since 1978 Emeko Techniek BV is a welcome supplier of industrial-, grounding-, tacho-carbonbrushes and even brass-mesh brushes for the European market.

Carbon brushes for special applicationsCarbon brushes for industrial applicationsCarbon brushes for house-hold appliances

Wide range of carbon brushes

Our assortment of carbon brushes mainly consists of brushes for industrial applications.  But we also offer specially composed assortment boxes with the most common carbon brushes for household applications or handtools. These brushes are packed in convenient assortment boxes for easy overview.

Strong by partnership with carbon brush producers

To offer you an even wider range of products, we have a partnership with various carbon brush producers. We are official partner of Pantrac and E-Carbon and we also sell carbon brush grades of SGL (former Ringsdorff) and Toyo Tanso.

Price and delivery

Due to the combination of in-house production and international purchasing, you will be assured of an economical and efficient solution of your carbon brush problems.
We offer you competitive pricing and a short delivery time (small series can be shipped within 24 hours).
Deliverytime for bigger series to be negotiated.

Ordering carbon brushes just became easier thanks to our ordering forms!

Due to the diversity in types and sizes of carbon brushes, it can be difficult to find the right brush for you application. With our ordering forms we just made ordering easier. At the bottom of this page you can find ordering forms for

  • Industrial carbon brushes
  • Tacho carbon brushes
  • Grounding carbon brushes
  • Brass mesh brushes

You can also download a convenient ordering form to determine the radius of a carbon brush.

Need help ordering your carbon brushes?

Our staff will gladly help you, give technical support and will advise you on choosing the matching carbon brush-holders and accessories.