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For more than 30 years Emeko Techniek specializes in the production and sales of carbon brushes, carbon brush-holders, sliprings, power transmission systems and closely related products. On top of this we also produce specialized parts in sheet metal and (glass fiber reinforced) plastics for electrotechnical industries.

Our strength lies in

  • Large stocks
  • Ability to produce and deliver rush orders
  • Problem solving ability
  • In-house production
  • International purchasing network

Carbon brushes

Emeko Techniek BV mainly produces carbon brushes for industrial applications, but we also deliver carbon brushes for household appliances and power tools.


With it’s state of the art machinery and CAD/CAM systems, Emeko Techniek BV is able to produce parts and systems completely to your specifications. We are able to machine a wide variety of materials, such as: metals, plastics, glass reinforced plastics, carbon fibre etc.


Our customers can be found throughout the whole market: engineers, end-users, repair shops, trading companies.
Allthough their field of work is very divers, they have one analogy: they rely on Emeko Techniek's ability to solve their issues.

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We have dedicated this website to provide you with an overview of our products and services. However: if you need more information, we will gladly help you out.

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