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Emeko Techniek BV is well known for its capacity to deliver the widest range of sliprings. Ever since the start of our production facility in 1978, we have build a reputation of quick delivery and high quality.

Standard sliprings

We keep stocks of various standard slipring bodies.
Furthermore we have access to a vast international network of slipring producers, thus ensuring a big assortment of sliprings with often very short leadtime.

Special sliprings

Thanks to our ability to completely design and produce slipring within our own premises, our range of special sliprings is allmost unlimited. Furthermore we have a broad network of suppliers with which we cooperate intensively, thus ensuring the highest quality, proper working conditions and economical pricing.

Requisition and ordering

At the bottom of this page you can find an ordering form for standard sliprings.
For inquirements of special slipring bodies we kindly ask you to send us more detailed information.

Naturally our standard assortment also contains spare parts like: Carbon brushes, brush-holders, spring systems, etc. For this, we’d like you to visit the associated product pages.

Slipring body