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Slipring systems

Besides our standard assortment of slipring bodies, Emeko Techniek BV can supply you a complete range of slipring systems for various applications.


Slipring systems differ from standard slipring bodies in several ways:
  • Ready to mount (including housing, flanges, bearings, connections, shielding etc.)
  • Suitable for transfer of several different electrical signals per system (power, data, analogue signals etc.)
  • Allways adapted for one specific application and process
  • Not limited to the use of conventional slipring/carbon brush combination

Field of applications

Slipringsystems are commonly used in applications where there are higher demands concerning:
  • Current transfer
  • Loss of data
  • Shielding against magnetic radiation
  • Environmental influences (i.e. seawater, temperature)
  • Dimensions (systems can be build either in radial or in axial directions)

Design, engineering and production

Emeko techniek Bv is one of the very few companies in The Netherlands who is able to design, engineer and build a "ready-to-mount" slipring system completely in house. We have proven our expertise numerous times in all kinds of applications, such as:
  • Entertainment industries
  • Non residential buildings
  • Waste water plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Automotive industries

Repair and maintenance of slipring systems

All our slipring systems are documented extensively and files will are kept for many years.
Therefor maintenance, repair and spareparts can be supplied years after we have delivered the system.
If repair or maintenance is nescesary, our workshop is equipped to do this swiftly for you.


As this group of products requires extensive engineering, we do not have a standard requisitionform for this product.
We kindly request you to send us as much technical data as possible to enable us to build you an offer.

If you have any questions concerning sliprings systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our staff will gladly advise you.