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Power transmission (rotating)

In addition to our main program of slipring bodies and slipring systems, Emeko Techniek BV has 2 standard rotating power transmission systems available for you: SDA and SDB.


These systems are suitable for the transmission of mains electricity or measuring signals at low turnover rates.
SDA and SDB systems are available from stock, competitively priced and suitable for various applications.


Standard SDA and SDB systems are not equipped with housing and therfor not protected against the elements.
If desired, we can onstruct a suitable housing for you.
In addition we can all kinds of accesoires, (hollow) axes and provide you with assembly materials.

Requisition and ordering

At the bottom of this page you find ordering information regarding our SDA and SDB systems.
For more information about housings, (hollow) axes and mounting materials, please contact our sales office.


Current collector SDACurrent collector SDB