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Carbon brush-holders

In addition to carbon brushes, Emeko Techniek BV has a complete range of brush-holders, brush rocker rings, special brush-holder spindles, clamping pieces, assembly spindles and compression springs.

Wide range of brushholders

The most commonly used types are available from stock. Thanks to independend and international purchasing, we can offer you a wide range and a fair price for these products.
As the amount of types is extremely large, we cannot mention them all on our website. But feel free to send us a sketch, picture or sample, and we will find the closes match.

Special services

If desired we are able to modify, overhaul and upgrade excisting brushholder assemblies for you.

New designs

Manufacturing of new assemblies, at client specifications, is also possible.


Brushholders for motors Brushholders for generators Brushholders for special/small machines