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Slipring system for sensational dance event

Recently we were honoured to deliver one of our slipring systems for a sensational dance event in the Amsterdam Arena.

During this mega-event, more than 40.000 visitors gawked at an amazing show with state of the art sound and lightning. Only few visitors were aware of all the technique that was needed behind the screens to provide this experience. Unseen, our slipring system provided the transfer of the overall powersuppply of a giant rotating stage:

50 kilowatt divided over 19 poles
Provisioned for all datatransfers
Resistant against full load at standstill
Equipped with double bearings


In house production

This project was produced under high time pressure and there was no room for errors.
Only due to the fact that all of the design, engineering and production was done in-house, we were able to convert clients wishes into an immmaculate performing product.

Unique project

We feel proud that we contributed to a unique dance experience and invite you to talk to us if you have simular challenges. Most likely we can also help you in achieving an unique project!

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