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Everyting about waterjet cutting at

As Emeko Techiek has a policy to have complete control over the complete production processes of our products, we have embraced water jet cutting technology many years ago.

Omax 80160

The heart of our sheet metal production unit is an Omax 80160 waterjet cutting machine. With its cutting range of 4270x1770 mm, we can cut sheets up to 2x4 metres. This waterjet cutting machine is allso equipped with a drilling unit, thus enabling us to cut through brittle material without damaging the material.

Omax 2652

As an addition, we have an Omax 2652 waterjet cutting machine equipped with a mini-jet. With this mini-jet technology we are able to cut small metal parts with an even higher precision. This waterjet cutter has a cutting range of 1750 x 850 mm.

About waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting technique guarantees a high finish grade in almost all materials, for example: perspex, stainless steel, brass, copper, stone, graphite en fiberglass reinforced materials. Due to the fact that no heat is generated, deformation of the material is reduced to a minimum.

Post production

For us waterjet cutting is considered to be a first stage in the production of a product. As our strength lies in the delivery of a complety finished product, we can offer you numerous post-processings. Such as:

  •     Sanding
  •     Deburring
  •     Milling
  •     Turning
  •     Bending

We have launched a special microwebsite to display all of our knowledge en service regarding waterjet cutting. Here you can find comprehensive information about waterjet cutting technique, machines, products and applications, types of materials and even more.

With our online quote form it’s even easier to get a quote for your waterjet cutting products.

Information about waterjet cutting on!