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Cad / Cam

Over the last years Emeko Techniek BV has done a major investment in Cad/Cam and we have stream-lined our organisation accordingly.


At current we primarily use SpaceClaim and SolidEdge. These 3D CAD software packages enable us to build and visualise our designs rapidly and the import/export features of STP files ensures a 1:1 match with your designs.
Combined with AutoCad, we can handle almost every file type for you.


Due to the link with EdgeCam we can quickly convert our drawings into CNC-programs. This reduces setup time, which makes the CNC machining of small production series more affordable.

File types

At the bottom of this page you can download a PDF-file that summarises all file types that we can handle (import and export).
If your file-type is not mentioned, please contact us so we can discuss further options with you.

Solid Edge

Edgecam Space Claim


Download this file (File formats_EN_V1.pdf)File formats